Bringing older people together on Waiheke Island

Claire Craig, Paul Chamberlain and Dan Wolstenholme, Lab4Living were invited to meet with a group whose formation was inspired by research in Sheffield.

When researchers from the Design for Health and Wellbeing Lab, New Zealand visited Sheffield in September 2016 they had the opportunity to meet attendees of the Lifestyle Matters Group. Claire established this group 12 years ago in a research study exploring life-style re-design in the context of active ageing. Inspired by the stories they heard about the experiences of older people attending the group, colleagues from the Design for Health and Wellbeing considered whether it could be translated into a New Zealand context.

Since December, 30 older people have been attending a weekly group meeting where they offer each other support, have the opportunity to develop new interests and re-connect with the community through outings across the Island. During the visit participants described to the UK team how the group has become a life-line and is integral to their wellbeing.

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