Addressing patient dignity

A redesign of the 24-hour Urine Collection Kit to prioritise patient dignity. The design transforms the misleading and complicated instructions, crudely designed bottle and conspicuous bag. The kit and the experience is repositioned as a (discrete) gift.

Through immersive research we experienced the lack of dignity and feelings of anxiety and unease that comes with completing the urine sampling according to the current procedure. We replicated the physical effects too, mimicking osteoarthritis and carrying a full bottle, which proved to be both inconvenient and embarrassing.

Misinterpretation of instructions led to many unreliable urine samples, costing the NHS time and money. The redesigned instructions depict the urine collection process in a clear, concise and respectful way. The instructions proved to be a success through user testing which concluded in a much higher percentage of reader accuracy. An eco font is used to reduce ink usage without affecting legibility.

The new packaging includes a sleek, opaque bottle with minimal clinical traits (right). The bottle, inspired by Persil, boasts larger aperture, greater stability, an open sliding lid and flexibility. The diagrams above detail our findings that the bottle handle being at the centre of gravity enables comfort and ease of use.

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