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Dr Claire Craig

Dr Claire Craig PHd, MA (Oxon) BSc (Hons) PGCE FHea

Lab4Living Health Director
Occupational Therapy Senior Research Fellow
Centre for Health & Social Care Research
0114 225 2586
0114 225 4377

Within Lab4Living, I sit on the management team dealing with the day to day running and operations of the collaboration. I have a specific focus on marketing and website maintenance. Besides this, I also conduct my PhD and contribute to a range of on-going research projects within the groups’ portfolio.

What inspires me?

‘Beautiful Old Age’
It ought to be lovely to be old
to be full of the peace that comes of experience
and wrinkled ripe fulfillment.
The wrinkled smile of completeness that follows a life
lived undaunted and unsoured with accepted lies
they would ripen like apples, and be scented like pippins
in their old age.
And a girl should say:
It must be wonderful to live and grow old.
Look at my mother, how rich and still she is! -
And a young man should think: By Jove
my father has faced all weathers, but it’s been a life!

D. H. Lawrence

This poem by DH Lawrence captures beautifully both my research and clinical interests. Working across a range of health and social care settings as an occupational therapist and then more latterly as a lecturer and researcher at the university I have focused very much on the development of interventions that promote wellbeing in older people and people with dementia. Clearly design has a key role to play within this and one of the dimensions of my work has been in the development of therapeutic environments and spaces. This work has taken place in hospital and residential care settings and has involved working with individuals living in these settings as active partners in the creation of the places where they live. This has culminated in a number of publications including ‘Creative Environments’ and the design of a multi-sensory cot-side cover manufactured by ROMPA by people on bed rest.

Within all aspects of my work I continue to be inspired by older people and the remarkable stories they tell about their lives, loves, losses and their hopes, dreams and about the future as it unfolds. Their stories have become very much part of my story and feel very privileged to have had the opportunity to travel on a small part of this journey with them.

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