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Rebecca Partridge

Rebecca Partridge

Design Researcher and PhD Candidate
E-mail: r.partridge@shu.ac.uk
Phone: 0114 2712230
Twitter: @Beccapart

I am interested in the role of design practice in healthcare and how we might enable people to live as normal a life as possible for as long as possible.I have been involved in a variety of projects that explore how design might support the management of long term conditions. This continues into my PhD which explores this with children.

“I have not failed i’ve just found 10,000 ways which won’t work”-Thomas A Edison

As a designer I hope to never stop questioning and searching for solutions, so long as we learn something then we have not failed. I enjoy working with people to help them access this positive mindset as well as developing confidence in their creative abilities. I am inspired by people who take pleasure in the journey of life and face challenges with a positive mindset, especially in the face of adversity.

In life, the journey can be just as, if not more important than the final destination. It is on the journey that we learn about ourselves and develop and grow.  Our goals and aims in life change in response to this growth and often we might find that our destination is not what we were aiming for, but is exactly where we should be. I believe that this is the same when framing problems and discovering solutions to them, the journey of defining the problem and posing solutions is key to the outcome at the end, and often leads to the most unexpected surprises.

Lab4Living, Sheffield Hallam University,
Furnival Building, 153 Arundel Street, Sheffield, S1 2NU
Phone 0114 225 6753 | Fax 0114 225 6931