Nick Dulake

Nick Dulake is a senior industrial designer within Design Futures, the design consultancy based in the University’s Art & Design Research Centre. His experience in designing and developing products from concept through to production is across a range of contexts (including the heritage sector, medical products) is integral to a range of Lab4Living projects.

Most recently within Lab4Living, Nick has been working on the NESTORE project. NESTORE’s objective is to develop an innovative, multi-dimensional, cross-disciplinary and personalized coaching system that, leveraging ICT social connectivity, will support older adults by encouraging them to become co-producers of their wellness. The NESTORE system will operate into the physical and virtual domains through tangible objects and sensors, as well as software and apps enabling monitoring and coaching.the ‘expert-by-experience’ group in the UK. Nick is working on the interface in the ongoing development of the NESTORE system, as well as in co-creation workshops with the ‘experts by experience’ group.

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