Prof David Waddington

David is Professor of Communications and Head of the Communication & Computing Research Centre at Sheffield Hallam University, where he has been employed since 1983 – initially as a Postdoctoral Research Associate on an ESRC project investigating ‘Communication processes within and around “flashpoints” of Public Disorder’. This focus on the policing of riots, disorderly demonstrations and picket-line confrontations was instrumental to the development of his ‘Flashpoints Model of Public Disorder’, which is frequently referred to in the European, North American and Antipodean policing literatures. Among his best-known publications are the seminal Flashpoints: Studies in Public Disorder (with Chas Critcher and Karen Jones, Routledge, 1989); Contemporary Issues in Public Disorder (Routledge, 1992); Public Order Policing: Theoretical and Practical Approaches (Willan, 2007); and Rioting in France and the UK: A Comparative Analysis (co-edited with Fabien Jobard and Mike King, Willan, 2009). David is currently on the International Editorial Board of Mobilization: An international Social Movements Journal. From 2011-2013 he was External Evaluator of the EU-funded GODIAC project, which brought together 12 European partner countries in search of a distinctively more enlightened and permissive ‘European approach’ to protest policing.