Dr. Marjory Da Costa-Abreu

Dr. Marjory Da Costa-Abreu is currently a Senior Lecturer in Computer Science at Sheffield Hallam University (SHU). Previously, she was a Senior Lecturer in Artificial Intelligence at UFRN/BR. She works with Machine Learning and Image/Signal processing applied to several different applied areas, ranging from Biometrics, Classification of Bot nets, Medieval document analysis, User behaviour in commercial game playing, Medical diagnosis though image/signal processing (neurological diseases), Portuguese speech analysis, Emotion prediction from Face, Signature and Keystroke Dynamics, Dogs fingerprint biometrics proposal, Privacy concerns in social networks and data protection, Social media mining (Hate from twitter), Path finding from drones, Finance mining, Mining judges’ sentences for Bias, Deep genetic algorithms investigation, Behaviour modelling using Multiagent systems (Psychology), amongst others. She is an Associate Editor of the IET Biometrics Journal and is a member of the Special Board for Security of the Brazilian Computer Society. She is also a Brazilian accredited evaluator for Computer Science degrees from the Minister of Education/INEP. She has won the Newton Research Collaboration Programme Award and has strong collaborations with the University of Kent (UK), the University of York (UK), UFRN (BR) and other several Brazilian academic institutions.