INFINITY aims to transform the traditional idea of criminal investigation and analysis using immersive and collaborative environments. INFINITY’s concept is based around four core research and technical innovations that together, will provide a revolutionary approach and convert data into actionable intelligence.

The challenges facing Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) within the digital age are exhaustive and growing exponentially. They regularly use extensive datasets with data from historical cases and on-going investigations. With each new attack by terrorists, cybercriminals, or major organised crime groups, the volume, velocity and variety of incoming data is vast and LEAs must quickly assess the veracity of such content and its links to existing investigations. Investigators cannot keep pace with the analysis required to extract meaningful and actionable intelligence to progress cases efficiently. Furthermore, the offenders who conduct or take part in the most serious crimes often also have the greatest awareness of how to obscure their activities from the authorities and evade detection. Fundamentally, INFINITY aims to assist LEAs with smarter and more advanced tools that provide these hidden links and help LEA’s stay ahead of the curve of technological adoption by criminals and terrorists.