“What’s in it for me?” - an investigation into the motivations, challenges and benefits of peer leadership in a School of Education.

Melanie Gill, Catherine McConnell


The Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) scheme  is a student-owned, student-led mentoring scheme involving trained undergraduate student volunteers from levels five and six (second and third year) facilitating weekly study sessions for level four (first year) students. PASS has been running for two years in the School of Education at the University of Brighton. Other enquiries we have made have highlighted positive impacts of PASS on the first year experience. This investigation has concentrated on the experiences of the leaders. Through the voices of two staff supervisors and seven student leaders, this case study explores the key benefits and challenges experienced by the PASS leaders. The findings illustrate the leaders’ awareness of their growing confidence, communication and employability skills development, particularly pertinent for leaders in the School of Education in relation to their future career paths.


Peer learning, transition, engagement, success, leadership, employability

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