Exploring the processes used by students to apply feedback

Stuart Hepplestone, Gladston Chikwa


Despite the recognised importance of feedback, and the effort that academic staff put into providing it, little is known about how students make use of their feedback to improve their future learning. This paper explores the processes that students attempt to use to feed-forward, and whether the use of technology might support and enhance these processes. In a small-scale, in-depth, qualitative study it was found that despite student preferences to initially engage with certain forms of feedback, efforts were made to apply any feedback regardless of format when clear links could be made to future learning. However, this was limited to superficial connections and there was no clear evidence that students attempted to make deeper connections; students generally expressed that content- or assignment-specific feedback was difficult to apply. The study established the need for further investigation into how tutors construct the feedback given and how students deconstruct that feedback.





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