19th November 2012


Images from the data-objects research project were displayed on screens at the AHRC Digital Transformations Event in London in November. The project report about the work put together for the AHR can be downloaded at the following link AHRC REPORT

Digital Transformations Moot

MOOT Digital Transformations

9th Oct - 12 Oct 2012

Data Objects Exhibition

An exhibition of the data-objects research to date was shown at Sheffield Hallam University. We are are looking for other venues to tour the work, so if you are interested in hosting the exhibition please get in touch.

Data Objects Exhibition
Data Objects Exhibition

Data Objects Exhibition
Data Objects Exhibition

Data Objects Exhibition
Data Objects Exhibition

18th - 20th September 2012

Design Creativity (ICDC) in Glasgow

A paper on the data-objects project was presented at the 2nd International Conference in Design Creativity (ICDC) in Glasgow. You can find details of the conference here

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June/July 2012

Data-objects user testing

During June/July we carried out a series of interviews to gather feedback on a number of data-objects - in general terms as a means for communicating complex information - and specifically in respect to communicating the embedded content of the objects which was drawn from statistic on age and dexterity. We interviewed a cross-section of people from the science/engineering sectors, design and general public. A paper that discusses what we did in detail and the preliminary findings can be in read here (.pdf format).

Some quotes from the data-object sessions..

“graphs work for papers they don’t work for people”

“they (the data-objects) invite you to explore possibilities that are more tangible and more satisfying”

“why not just use a pretty graph”

“objects are much more powerful as a communication tool”

28th March 2012

data_objects demonstrated in Cambridge

prototype data objects were presented at the 6th Cambridge Workshop on Universal Access and Assistive Technology. The data objects were an interpretation of scientific data collected on the relationship between 'age and dexterity/strength' collected by Alaster and his team from the Engineered Packaging Research Group at the University of Sheffield.

7th March 2012

data_objects demonstrated in Cambridge

ADRC Art & Design Research Centre

Research Seminar

Speaker: Professor Ian Gwilt / Dr Koutaro Sano

Title: Making and Reading Material Data.

This talk will explore how the creation of physical artifacts based on data extracted from complex digital information systems changes the way we read, interpret and respond to complex information.
Through the interpretation of scientific data collected on the relationship between 'age and dexterity/strength' the research investigates how different visual translations can change our relationship to and understanding of data. By reconceptualising digital information into the physical environment the research seeks to reveal how a range of stakeholders might read, perceive and respond to these different manifestations. Dr Koutaro Sano will also talk about his contribution to this project during his current visit.

1.00PM - 2.00PM
WEDNESDAY 7 March 2012
Sheffield Hallam University

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This research has been undertaken through The Art and Design Research Centre at Sheffield Hallam University

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Keywords: Information Design, Information Visualisation, Material Culture, Tangible Data