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Welcome to the Public Health Hub at Sheffield Hallam University

The Public Health Hub was established in 2007 to harness the diverse range of public health related activity undertaken within Sheffield Hallam University. The Public Health Hub acts as a conduit, effectively bringing together public health expertise in education, research and consultancy within the university. We work in collaboration with internal colleagues and external organisations including public, private and voluntary, with the aim of improving health and reducing health inequalities.

Our successful public health network is effective in engaging individuals with a shared focus on public health, at a local, regional and international level.

Public health is everyone's business and the Public Health Hub at Sheffield Hallam University will help you find the expertise you need to meet these challenges.

Our aims are:

  • to be a recognised public health network, locally and regionally

  • to act as a conduit and facilitate knowledge transfer activities between the university and the public health community

  • to promote the public health expertise within the university

  • to support non-traditional sectors to carry out their public health responsibilities

  • to facilitate a collaborative approach to public health across the university




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