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Research Data Management

Research Data Management (RDM) covers the whole lifecycle of your research data. It includes planning your work, managing your live data, preserving your research data for the long-term, and sharing your data with others. It applies to all disciplines and to all forms of data.

Many research funders have research data requirements. The University has a Research Data Management policy that recognises that effective research data management is a key component of good research practice and that it contributes to a culture of research excellence. There are many reasons why you should take Research Data Management seriously.

It is useful to think of RDM in three stages: before, during and after your research project. It includes

  • planning how you will look after your data, with many research funders now requiring data management and sharing plans as part of funding applications
  • managing your live data on a day-to-day basis whilst working on your project
  • sharing your data with your future self and/or others for the long-term

SHU services

The University offers the following services throughout the lifecycle of your research data


Help and support

There is further help and support in the form of

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